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Feminine magic in your jewelry

Published in the STATEMENT edition, Prestige Insiders Luxury Guide, in collaboration with Joyeros MX

Feminine magic in your jewelry
Jewelry is a powerful tool to complement your outfits and show your personality through accessories. Signature pieces become timeless investments not subject to passing fashions or temporary whims to combine with different looks and be co-stars of an image. It is not a secret that Mexico has a long tradition of jewelry, and thanks to such relevant institutions as 
JoyerosMx, today we can discover extraordinary proposals from its members; to celebrate the most feminine month, we present four jewelry stores and the magic of their pieces and inspiration.

Woman's magic

The colors and shine in the accessories provide a magical and feminine touch to your image; if you are looking for playful, colorful, and magical pieces, Kamay’s pieces emerge from the imagination of their creator, Camille Chikli Kamay, who inspired by her story and travels around the world to present them in dreamlike and unique jewelry.

Feminine magic in your jewelry - Statement


Los pedidos se envían dentro de 3 -7 días hábiles por correo aéreo registrado con un número de seguimiento.

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1 año de garantía en todas las joyas, incluidos los engastes de piedras preciosas.

Hermoso empaque con posibilidad de dedicatoria personal.

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Cambios y Devoluciones

Tienes 30 días a partir de la fecha de envío para devolver tu compra.

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