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KAMAY is an Israeli company located in Mexico devoted to sustainable hand-crafted jewelry collections that can just as easily be classified as art. Kamay's earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets are known for their clean lines, sensual curves, vibrant colors palettes and high aesthetic value.

Drawing from the beauty of Art Nouveau, ancient cultures, mysterious primal desires and the fluid movements of nature, head designer Camille Chikli creates rich collections that correspond with the intersection of dreams and reality. The result is jewelry that is steeped in feminine sensuality, primordial symbolism, and the human search for meaning.

Kamay's collections are uniquely crafted using a wide variety of materials and techniques ranging from 3D modeling to hand-carved wax design. Many collections begin as brush strokes on Camille's painting canvas, as she explores her emotional landscape and expresses her thoughts, feelings and aspirations. An idea born on paper gradually becomes a robust concept, and eventually comes to full fruition as a Kamay jewelry item.

Kamay's clientele is very diverse. Women of all ages connect with Kamay's collections on an intuitive level. Some appreciate artistic expression and search for a one-of-a-kind creation. Others want to wear jewelry that feels like an extension of their inner selves. All share a love for emotional symbolism that transcends words.
Kamay is committed to high service standards. Offering high value-for-money.

At the end of the day, our art is based on personal connection. Our first priority are our customers, who wear our jewelry and make our ideas their own.

All of my designs are protected by copyright.