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KAMAY is a global company dedicated to creating ethnic artistic jewelry. With a focus on exploring the aesthetic and cultural aspects of jewelry, we travel the world for inspiration. The last years we are in Mexico, known for its rich pre-Hispanic jewelry heritage full of symbolic meaning.

Coincidentally, the name "Kamay" in ancient Quechua, symbolizes creativity, and in Hebrew symbolizes primacy. This linguistic combination reflects the company values ​​of creativity and originality.

Kamay's journey through Mexico is a celebration of artistic expression, cultural heritage and the timeless allure of jewellery.

Published in the STATEMENT edition, Prestige Insiders Luxury Guide, in collaboration with Joyeros MX

Feminine magic in your jewelry


Kamay is committed to high service standards. Offering high value-for-money.

Sustainable hand-crafted jewelry that can just as easily be classified as art.


Great gifts in small packages

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Orders are shipped within 3 - 7 business days by registered air-mail with a tracking number.

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1 year warranty on all jewelry including gemstones settings.

Beautiful packaging with the possibility of personal dedication.

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You can return or exchange the item within 30 days of receiving the item.

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